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Dental - Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root canal treatment is a method to clean roots by gaining access from the tooth with the help of Dental instruments and specific equipments. When the carious lesion reaches pulp (where all blood vessels are present), then the only option left is RCT. Sometimes carious lesion even extend from root to apex (where root ends), then extraction is advisable as RCT will have poor prognosis in this case.
Time taken or sittings involved during RCT depends upon the extent of infection in tooth.

Steps involved in RCT are as follows:

Gaining Access to Root canals: Access from the surface of the tooth(crown) is gained with the help of Drilling instrument . Normally there are 3 canals in molars, 2 canals in premolars and 1 canal in Incisors and canine. Number of root canals can vary in tooth from person to person, it is never fixed.
Cleaning and Shaping of Root canals: Once the access is gained, then with the help of instrument known as files as shown in figure, Canals are cleaned. To avoid friction and proper cleaning disinfectant solution known as sodium hypochlorite is used. It removes all the debris and infection from the canals and makes them sterile. It usually takes 2 sittings, but if infection is less than it can be completed in 1 sitting also. After the thorough cleaning, temporary filling is placed in tooth and patient is asked to come after 2 days.

Filling of Root canals: Once the canals are cleaned, and then canals are properly dried with the help of paper points and filled. Canals are filled tightly with Gutta percha points (GP points). After filling of root canals, Permanent filling is placed in tooth; normally permanent filling does not last long. Always Crown is mandatory after RCT as tooth becomes weak from inside. To avoid further fracture of tooth, crown is mandatory.

Some frequently asked questions regarding RCT:

Is RCT Painful?
No, RCT  is not painful. Before starting the procedure dentist always anaesthetize the tooth to make it convenient for patient and as well as for Doctor.

Is RCT Safe?
Yes, RCT is safe. When carious lesion reaches deep inside the tooth then RCT is only option to save the toth.

How many sittings are normally involved in RCT?
If tooth is not infected then RCT can even be completed in single sitting. But, if infection is more then it normally takes 3 sittings and even more depends on the extent of infection.

Can Pregnant Women Undergo RCT?
No, It is not at all recommended. RCT should be postponed until the birth of baby.

Is Crown Mandatory after RCT?
Yes, Crown is mandatory after RCT to make tooth stronger and last longer. Without crown tooth can fracture anytime and after fracture, Extraction is the only option.

Does Pain Exists After RCT ?
If through cleaning and infection is removed during procedure then pain vanishes. But, if cleaning and filling of root canal is not done properly by the Dentist then surely patient will complain of pain again and again.

How Many X-Rays Are Involved In RCT?
Normally one X-Ray before starting the procedure and one at the end of the procedure. It depends upon the Dentist, as he is a better judge of the condition involved during the procedure.

Do All Carious Tooth Need RCT?
No, only the tooth in which carious lesion extends deep inside the pulp need RCT. Otherwise, fillings can be done to save the tooth.

Why Root Canal Treated Tooth Is Known As Dead Tooth ?
In Root canal procedure, Pulp(where blood supply of tooth is present) is removed and canals are cleaned properly. Main indication of RCT is when carious lesion reaches pulp and infects that area, then to relieve patient from pain it is removed. Tooth will no doubt remain in its position only the difference comes is it becomes non - sensitive, for this reason it is known as dead tooth.
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RE: Dental - Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
Post # 3
RE: Dental - Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
good,and i got dental x-ray machine last week,i feel good!
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RE: Dental - Root Canal Treatment (RCT)
good,and i got dental x-ray machine last week,i feel good!

dental x-ray machine

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