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friday market
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hi friends,

Many indians in kuwait are brokers and slaves due to this money value. I worked 1yr 6months in a maintenance contracting co. of egyption management(burgan engineering general contracting co, twr17,11flr,al awqaf complex, sharq,kuwait.). In this co masri's management, egyptions are acting as so smart due to language attraction of kuwait people.
I have got many worst experiences in this period with many indians.
1st broker-rajendran(born in tamilnadu settled in kuwait as slave) -he has tried for me to get this job. he is also acting smart for getting money from the company.after getting money from the co he has asked money from me through one colleague.he needs only money.
2nd broker-INACIO VALES-(he is portugeese born at goa in india settled in kuwait)He is the best broker in my life with many worst experiences.acting as smart without knowing common things. he speaks only english(son of english man).
3rd broker-serina abhraham(badur travels-jleeb branch) (born in kerala &settled in kuwait) she needs only money at anycost.
4th broker-sameah ahamed(born in egypt & settled in kuwait)accountant who wants money at any cost.
5th -syed abdul haleem(born in dhakahlia -manager of begco)- he has become one company's manager without degree completion. he needs money without expense.
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GOD forgive these type people & give them good knowledge to help others who're in need. It's only option to repent themselves.

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