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18 months infant milestones
18 months infant milestones

A 18 months old infant shows the following developments:

Motor Development

• Walk well and can carry a toy while walking.
• Jump with feet together.
• Bend to pick things up from the floor.
• Walk backwards.
• Climb into an adult chair and then turn and sit.
• Have stopped casting.

Fine Motor / Vision Development

• Throw a ball.
• Build a 3 brick tower using 1 inch cube wooden bricks.
• Hold a crayon in her fist.
• Dump a raisin from a jar - so she knows how to get something that is not easily accessible.
• Copy a line.   

Speech and Language Development

• Name one body part.
• Identify one picture if asked to do so.

Personal / Social Development

• Feed with a spoon without making too much of a mess.
• Use symbolic play - so will brush a doll's hair.
• Find a completely hidden toy - so is aware of the permanence of objects.
• Indicate toilet needs.
• Alternate between clinging and resistance.

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