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Appreciate employees to bring out the best in them
Appreciate employees to bring out the best in them

It is the duty of every employee to work with efficiency to meet his goals. Since there are differences in the competence, calibre and capability of each employee, it is the duty of an intelligent officer to assign duties according to the potential and credentials of the employee. This will result in the efficient utilisation of manpower.
We at the commercial compliance and consumer protection division of the Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai, always looks to see if the desires of employees are achieved by interacting with them continuously.
A monthly meeting is also held for every section to discuss the latest developments in work, exchange experiences, charting out plans, suggest innovative solutions to improve the quality of work, and enable the whole team to take part in decision making.
The department also makes sure that outstanding employees are appreciated and encouraged by their superiors.
This serves as a motivation for the employer to perform better. It is, in fact, necessary to appreciate the efforts taken by employees, especially when they perform.
A staff member who performs well can be selected as the employee of the month and his photograph can either be out up on the notice board in the company or circulated among the various sections. This will help keep the staffs' spirits high and instill a spirit of healthy competition. The employee can also set an example for other employees to emulate.
An incentive and appreciation system contributes effectively in upgrading the standard of work performance and enhances employee satisfaction. The employee will work hard to bring out his best.
This system of appreciation can be used in all aspects of life. In fact, team leaders should realise that if they need their subordinates to perform better, they should be appreciated. And watch how efficient they become.
It is worth mentioning here that every new employee in the commercial compliance and consumer protection division has to attend a training programme attended by every staff member and later, he or she, can be trained along with an ideal employee of the section where he or she will start working.



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