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Basic Table Manners
Basic Table Manners

Good basic table manners ensure that both hosts and guests are comfortable at the table. Some of the basic table manners are as follows:

1.  Sit straight and maintain a good posture while eating.

2.  Put your elbows off the table. We often relax and put our arms and elbows on the table, but should not do this.

3.  Don’t lean back on the chair while eating.

4.  Lay the napkin on your lap.

5.  Never use your napkin to blow your nose with.

6.  Start eating only when the host has started.

7.  If there is no obvious “host”, wait for everyone else before you start eating.

8.  Keep your mouth closed before chewing food.

9.  Take small bites.

10. Eat quietly and avoid making sound while eating.

11. Always say “excuse me” when leaving the table in the middle.

12. Keep your dining area neat and tidy.

13. Don’t play with your silverware while on the dining table.

14. Sip hot coffee or tea from the cup. Never pour tea or coffee in to the saucer and slurp it.

15. Never allow food to remain outside your mouth, or on your chin. Always use napkin to wipe it off.

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