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Driving license procedure

Could any one help me how to get driving license in uae. I have a valid indian driving license.

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RE: Driving license procedure

I hope u already got the answer. If not, U can easily join driving class in UAE.

It better to go with emirates driving school. You can entroll through onlinr and as of now they offer some fee discount too.

As you already have Indian valid licence, u can skip the theory classes too. Make sure the licence is attested.

Best of luck.
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RE: Driving license procedure

Thanks for your information.
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RE: Driving license procedure
thanx for valuable information .
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RE: Driving license procedure
dubai driving centre (DDC) is better.
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RE: Driving license procedure
for getting a driving license in Dubai 1st you should register with a driving school. for registering a driving school you should submit
your valid passport copy with visa page (some schools need the original passport)
NOC letter from your sponsor
Passport size photo 4 nos
and your original indian driving license attested  (if u have valid indian driving license with more than 3year exp. you need to go for only 20 classes)

after you submitting the required documents they will apply for learning permit & once LP is ready they will inform you then the next you will go for lecture classes & start the practical training with your instructor
then there are some tests like signal test, parking test , assessment test, after passing these test & completing your necessary classes finally you will go for RTA road test then if u pass the road test you will get the license otherwise you need to complete some more classes & test again
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RE: Driving license procedure
im work in al ain mi visa prfoshan is operator how to get driving license

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