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It's freezing cold in UAE! Sweaters out in offices
It's freezing cold in UAE! Sweaters out in offices

According to a report that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, women are more susceptible to cold office temperatures as compared to men.
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Dubai: For most of the year, temperatures in the UAE soar up to 46 to 50 degrees Celsius, often accompanied by humidity levels in excess of 80 per cent. However, at workplaces in the country, cold seems to be the problem. According to 61 per cent of respondents to a Khaleej Times poll, the office environment in the UAE is too cold for comfort.

Take Indian national and marketing professional Joan Pinto for example. "It is extremely cold in my office. Sometimes, the temperature dips to 16 degrees Celsius and I have to keep going outside to warm my body up.

"I've grown up in the UAE and cold weather is something my body will never get used to. (This issue) is something I've also raised with the human resources department of my office."

Joan is one of the 491 respondents of the KT poll, who said that their office temperatures are too cold. A little over 800 readers took part in the online poll.



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