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Association of Malayalee professionals in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (AMPS)

Association of Malayalee professional in Kingdom of Sauid Arabia also called as AMPS , is a fully committed association to strive for the welfare of the experts from Kerala who has come to KSA for work.

AMPS mission

AMPS works as a non-profit professional association dedicated to the general attainment & occupation progression of professionals in KSA by means of specialized certification, academic leadership, educational enhancement, communal contact & social service.

To offer a podium for exchange of technological information, assist information distribution and views sharing with the professionals, businessmen, administrators, etc and create an atmosphere for AMPS members for networking & extracurricular activities.

AMPS vision

To construct a rigid & energetic society of Malayalee experts in KSA to encourage educational, social, cultural & commercial ambitions.

Contac details

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