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Visa And Immigration
Important Details about the Vacations (Holiday) Under the Saudi Labor Law
It has been found that a majority of the expatriates working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unaware about the leave (vacation) they are eligible to.... Read More
Factors That You Need To Look Into While Signing An Employment Contract In Saudi Arabia
When you sign an employment contract it means that you in fact get committed with your employer for a few months or years. Therefore it is a vital choice of your life as your services will be sold to ... Read More
What are the rights of expatriates under the Saudi Labor Law ?
It has been found lot of expatriates are being exploited by their employers. It not only the mistake of the employers that they are exploiting, but also the mistake of the employees as a majority of ... Read More
About the work injury compensation according to the Saudi Labor Law
According to the Saudi Labor Law, the employer has absolute or complete responsibility has to bear the expenditures that are associated with the work injury. According to Saudi Labor Law’s arti... Read More
What you should do if you’re Iqama is lost?
Iqama’s importance in Saudi Arabia does not require an introduction. If you are already residing in Saudi Arabia, then you are well aware that everything depends on Iqama.... Read More
Procedures For Getting Residence Permits For Family Members In Saudi Arabia
This article briefs on how Indians and other nationals can apply for visa for their family member (spouse & children) in Saudi Arabia... Read More
Particulars and Procedures for applying for sponsorship transfer
This article explains the particulars and procedures on how to apply for sponsorship transfer.... Read More
Procedures for getting employment visa (iqama)
The following are the procedures that are adopted for getting employment visa/iqama... Read More
Check your Saudi Iqama Status Online
Check your Saudi Iqama Status Online... Read More
Requirements of obtaining Umrah Visa
Requirements of obtaining Umrah Visa:... Read More
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