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Documents required for Netherlands visa

The type of documents and its numbers depends on the circumstances of the country from which you are applying for Netherlands visa.

The authority which issues your Netherlands visa will verify, whether your visit to Netherlands will pose a danger to the public, or cause damage to the national security or global relations. They will verify whether you have been declined permission to enter into the Schengen Area.

The reason for your visit will also be taken into account in evaluating if there would be any risks because of your stay in Netherlands. Likewise you need to confirm yourself that you have enough financial funds in your possession during your stay in to Netherlands. Similarly you must have a travel medical insurance to cover any operating cost for repatriation for health reasons, emergency medicinal attention, or urgent hospital treatment.

The insurance should

Be applicable throughout the Schengen region,

Should have at least a lowest EUR 30.000 coverage,

Should cover the full period of your stay in Netherlands.

The sum of financial means regarded” sufficient”will be based on the reason for your visit (for example you may be planning to purchase goods), your lodging (as to whether you are planning to stay with your relatives, or friends, or in a hotel), and the period of your visit. Otherwise you can also provide a “guarantor” name, an individual in Netherlands how is willing to assure payments for any price the Dutch state might incur because of your stay. The applicant must receive the travel medical insurance in his resident country, or the host can get the insurance for the candidate in his place of residence. Only after the visa application has been accepted, the travel medical insurance should be taken. The applicant must show the policy, where he collects his passport.

While submitting the application for Netherland visa, the applicant must also furnish other documents to support his application like a return ticket reservation, the purpose of his visit (invitation), his capability to meet his tour and lodging expenses (like bank statements, traveler’s cheques, and pay slips) and passport, which must have a minimum 90 days validity after the visa expiry date.

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