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Getting a driver’s license in Australia

How can one obtain a driving license in Australia?

Since at the territory level and state level, the Australian driver licenses are administered, as a result the rules and regulations differ. Within three months of taking up residence in a state, you need to get a state license (in the meantime you can make use of your foreign license.

You need to take up a practical test except,

If you possess a driving license from Newzealand or

Holding an international license and should have held an Australian license previously, however the precise norms in this area is somewhat intricate and may differ from state to state.

You posses a driving license from a country,that covers a majority of the nations under the European union, an other nations like USA, Canada and Japan, however the recognized licensing system is akin to the licensing system of Australia. All the states and territories of Australia are in the process of implementing this exemption.

Even if you happen to have a driving license from a country that is not fully recognized for a long time, you must be excused from the provisional restrictions, once you clear the test.

In the state of NSW, computer based theory tests are carried out. You can take up at any one of the RTA offices. Even if you happen to fail in the test, it does not matter. You just need to pay an amount of AUD 30 as fees for every attempt. You can practise the theory test online. But you are liable to lose immediately your visiting driver privileges. Till you clear the test, you have to get a NSW driver license and during this learning period you are subjected to the learner limits. (for instance you are not permitted to drive on your own and you are subjected to a speed limit of 80 kph.

Under the regulation of NSW, once you have got your NSW license (whether it is full or learner) you can have your abroad license in your possession. However your foreign license will be authorized by the state as a result that it is not valid.

Individuals in NSW, who are in temporary visa, can make use of their foreign license even for a period of more than three months. If the individual wishes, he can get a NSW license, but he need to undergo the testing procedures. The benefit an individual will gain if he has a foreign driving license in his possession is he will not get any demerit points, if he happens to exceed the speed limit. However he will be fined for over speeding. In extreme cases the driving privileges of the individual will be removed.

An individual should always keep in mind, that he has to always keep his driving license (whether it is overseas or Australian) license in his possession. This procedure is somewhat different form the one adopted in the UK.

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