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Status of Foreign driving license in Netherlands

Utilizing a Foreign driving license, once becoming a Netherlands resident

After you become an occupant of Netherlands, you still have the privilege of using your foreign license up to a particular period of time. This duration is based on the nation from where you have obtained your foreign license.

Driving license obtained from EFTA/EU

If you own a license that was received from any of the EFTA or EU nations, then you can generally use your foreign license for a period of up to ten years from the date of issue. Suppose if you’re driving license is by now more than 9 years, you can still drive using that license for another year (including from the registration date in a Dutch Municipality ), provided your license should still be valid.


For example if a driving license is issued on 15-10-2002, the bearer can use his license upto15-10-2012, (ten years from the issue date).But if the validity period the license expires before 15-10-2012, then he should exchange the driving license ahead of the validity of the driving license expiration

Suppose if on 10-03-2002, a German license on 10-3-2002, and the registration date in Germany is 10-10-2011, the driving license has been used more than 9 years. Depending on the issue date, he can use still utilize the driving license till 10-3-2012. But he can continue utilize the license for a year, from the date he has become dweller of Netherland, and due to this reason, the license can be used up to 10-10-2012. (provided the driving license validity period has not expired).

Driving license given outside EFTA/EU

If you hold a legitimate driving license, which was issued exterior one of the nations of the EFTA or EU or in the Netherlands Aruba or Antilles, then you, can use this driving license for an additional 185 days once becoming a Netherlands resident. During this time period, you should get a Dutch driving license.

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