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The Finnish Indian Society.

The Finnish Indian Society is an association that encourages social communication between the Indians residing in Finland and the Finns.

The main objective of the organization is to spread the information on Indian culture in Finland, as well as reinforce the exchange of culture, and cooperation expansion, between the two nations. The Finnish Indian Society was created in the year 1949.

Initially the association was called as the Finnish friends of India (Suomalaiset Intian Ystävät ry) and originally a main organization for the individuals, who are fascinated with the Indian philosophy and the Gandhian philosophy. At present, the association boasts of having 230 members, of which forty are Indians.

Various kinds of activities connected with India and its culture, as well as lectures, seminars, courses and several events are organized by the Finnish Indian Society. The society is also an associate of KEPA (Service Centre for Development Cooperation) and the Union of Friendship Associations in Finland.


PL 844
00101 Helsinki
E-mail: info (at) suomiintiaseura.fi
President Sakari Puhakka
E-mail: sakari.puhakka (at) kolumbus.fi
Ph. 050 348 0368

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