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The Netherlands-India Association (NIA)

NIA, the Netherlands-India Association was started in the year 1951 by some Dutch people, who got attracted towards the diversified culture and philosophical features of the association. In the initial stages, the association’s main objective was to manage sermons and discussions on the features of the culture, Indian religions, and philosophy.

From 1969 onwards, the populations of Indians residing in t Netherlands begin to considerably increase and the nature and the work of the organization began to echo interests of the Indian members on the society and culture.

Ever since its inception in 1951, the INA has travelled a long way, enthusiastically making its contribution to the development and enrichment of Indo- Dutch cultural relationships.

Apart from the social and cultural activities, the association regularly conducts the Indian Independence and Republic day celebrations.

Address of the Secretariat

Anna Jacominaplaat 6,

3453 SX De Meern,

The Netherlands

Tel : 030-6585200

Fax: 030-6585201

E-mail : [email protected]

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