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Wet 'n' Wild Water World

The Wet 'n' Wild Water World is a renowned theme park in Australia. It is situated in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland State.

The theme park has a number of attractions like rides, pools and other activities.

Some of the rides, you can find at this theme park

Sky coaster

In this ride you can fly like an eagle. You will be tied into a harness, fastened to a huge cable. Then you will be lifted from the ground to a height of 50 meters. Across the huge wave pool, you will be catapulted on the hovering cable at a speed of 60km per hour. Then you will be safely landed on the ground. You are sure to get an exhilarating experience riding the sky coaster.

Flow rider

In this the visitors can ride the nonstop waves, speeding up the artificial water torrent on a specifically planned board. Wet 'n' Wild provides a blend of Body board sittings for riders who have less knowledge and for riders who have the familiarity of how to “flow”.

Some of the the other rides are aqua loop, Buccaneer bay, River rapids, Zipline, Surf rider, whirlpool hot springs, etc.

Opening hours

The theme park normally opens at 10 am and closes at 5.00pm. Depending on the season, the closing time varies. In the month of December and January it is extended up to 7 & 9pm.

Admission ticket

For adults the admission ticket is $59.99

For kids in the age group of 3 to13 years, the admission ticket is $34.99

For retired persons the entry ticket is $34.99


Pacific Motorway Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia
13 3386

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