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Busan Aquarium

The Busan Aquarium situated in Haeundae Beach,is the biggest aquarium in South Korea. You can find nearly 35,000 marine animals and 250 varieties of fishes in this aquarium. The major tank is capable of holding water up to three million liters. Through big acrylic windows or by means of an underwater tunnel of 80 meters of length, you can see the animals.

You can also find forty separate displays for otters, penguins, sea jellies, piranha, and a touch tank.

At the sea walk in the aquarium, you can find the sea turtles, sharks in close proximity. You can really enjoy the shark being fed with food by the aquarium workers.

Some of the marine species you can see in the aquarium are the Jackass penguin, green sea turtle, Asian small-clawed otter, Chinese giant salamander, pig-nosed turtle, Korean salamander and fish varieties like piraruku, pacu, sturgeon, electric eel, red-tailed catfish, silver arowana, red-bellied piranhas, archerfish, freshwater angel fish, discus, glass catfish, blind cave fish, etc. You can also find one of rare shark species, Carcharias Taurus (the Grey nurse shark) in this aquarium.

Opening hours

On Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 19:00

On Saturday, Sundays, and holidays, from 09:00 to 21:00

Admission fees

For Adults the admission ticket is 15,000 won.

For the junior and high school students and elderly people above 65 years, the entry ticket is 12,500 won.

For kids of 4 years of age, the admission fee is 10,000 won.

For kids below four years, the admission is free.


Busan Aquarium
1411-1 Jung 1-dong
Phone: (051) 740-1700

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