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Darangee Village

The Darangee Village is situated in the island of Namhae in the Gyeongsangnam-do southern province. This beautiful well conserved village has amazing view of innumerable small fields (more than 100 levels) on a sharp hilly gradient alongside the open sea.

You will find this beautiful village bounded by eternal coastlines with stunning seashore mountains and terraced paddy fields. In contrast to the other regions in Korea, you can find buildings and house well maintained. You can find the house roofs painted with floral designs thereby providing an awesome view from the crest of the village.

Another peculiar feature you can find in this village is that the people are strangely dressed. Some of the activities you can carry out are walking along the beautiful paddy village or taking a stroll along the pebble beach. At the pebble beach, you can find the pebble as smooth big stones. You can also go for an enjoyable swim at this stunning beach.

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