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Culture of Lebanon


The family dominance is evident in all stages of Lebanese existence comprising financial, political and individual association. In the political area the family fight against each other for the sake of status, supremacy and kinsmen combine armed forces to prop up their family in pursuit for headship. In area of business preference are given, and the employers to appoint their family members, cousins, brothers frequently strengthening their assets in managing family venture. It is expected that the affluent family members to distribute with fewer wealthy relations, a liability that normally descend on the urban relations and emigrants, who assist their village kinfolks.

On the personal area, the family has a persistent responsibility. The family status decides to a great extent an access of a person to learning and prospects of accomplishing affluence and eminence. The conventional appearance of family is the 3 generation patrilineal expanded relations, comprising of a male, his spouse or spouses, their bachelor kids belonging to both genders, their wedded youngsters, along with their son’s spouse and kids. A few of these factions exists as a single family is beneath one roof, which happened in previous generations.


The national dish of Lebanon is Kibbie, a sort of meat pie prepared from splited wheat (burghul) and delicately chopped meat. They also consume tabbouleh, a salad manfactured from tomatoes, parsley and burghul. Arak is the countrywide drink, which is a tough anise savored liquor prepared from fermented grape fruit drink. It is normally consumed with ice and water. This is a lucid fluid milky white and normally is taken along with the food.

The Lebanese people also eat fish, grilled meat. In common meals are taken with fresh fruit, Arabic coffee and also occasionally taken with conventional sweets.M'Juhdara, is normally a poorman’s food prepared with rice, onions and lentils


The Lebanese follow a moderate and decent dress code. Though the Lebanese people were at sleeveless dresses, they avoid wearing it while visiting mosque, church and other religious places. In the holy places, both men and women come in fully covered dresses. In office the people wear formal dress.


The Lebanese are basically sports loving people. some of the common sports played in the country are Tennis, football, Basket ball, volleyball, Rugby, swimming, sailing, yachting , wind surfing and scuba diving, etc..

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