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Culture of UAE


Though UAE is first growing, and is following the international style of living, number of families in the emirate are interlinked and still preserve alive, the expanded method of family tradition. Furthermore apart from the fundamental family members (mom, dad, daughters and sons), grandparents, sister and brother in laws, aunties and uncles forms a component of one of the large domiciles thought and its every day actions.

Happiness, worry, sadness, vision are echo and every individual’s liability and anxiety. One will not get the sense of being solitary as he will be getting constant assistance and unrestricted affection from family members.

A youngster is always regarded as a child in an UAE family, regardless of how old he is. The teenager’s mother will pamper him with sweet dishes, affectionate kiss and embrace. Even if the youth becomes independent financially, his father will not hesitate to give additional money.


The cuisine in UAE is a mixture of Asian and Middle East cuisines. Because of the extreme desert circumstances, the people in UAE consume grain, meat and dairy foods.

Some of the customary foods in UAE are Ma'louba, Harees, Machbous, Fireed, Frsee'ah, Mishwy and Jisheid. They also eat meat such as, goat, chicken, and little fowl like Houbara bustards.

Other food stuffs that form part of the UAE Cuisine are Kabsa, Shawarma, Masgouf, Al Khabeesah, Al Jabab bread, Camel meat, Harees, Falafel, Fish, etc.


If a dress is not much disgusting, then almost all moderate and normal clothing is allowed in UAE, etc. The UAE people wear dresses that conceal the knees, shoulder and other wear T-shirts, however they avoid Spaghettis. The men wear casual dress and shorts below the knees. In office and other functions, they come in formal dress. Bikinis are allowed provided, it should be worn in such a way, that it covers the vital parts.


The UAE people are sports loving people. A number of youth in UAE play a variety of games. Some of the popular sports in the UAE are traditional sports like camel racing, boat racing, and other modern sports like football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, etc.

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