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Driving License

To obtain a driver's license in Dubai, you need to be a resident of the United Arab Emirates, with a residence visa issued in Dubai. If you are a resident of Dubai but have a visa issued in another emirate, then you need to obtain a transferal form allowing you to obtain your driver's license from Dubai. The minimum age for obtaining a drivers license is 18 years.

Driving licenses can be obtained by adult UAE citizens/residents after training from an authorized driving school in Dubai. If you are 18-21 year of age, you can apply for a probationary license.


If you have never driven before or have a driving license that is not on the approved list of 36 countries then you must undergo training.

Documents Required
Passport (original & copy) with residence stamp, No-Objection Certificate from employer & 8 photos.
Authorized Driving Schools   

Al Ahli Driving School-04-3411500 (9 branches)
Belhasa Driving School - 04-3243535 (23 branches)
Dubai Driving Centre- 04-3455855 (13 branches)
Emirates Driving Institute-04-2631100 (56 branches/mall counters)
Galadari Driving School-04-2676166 (10 branches) 

1. Get an eye test done either at an optician or at your driving school.
2. The school will handle all paper-work with RTA who may even have a counter at the school.
3. Receive your temporary driving license, which you must carry in your training car.
4. Once you have passed all internal tests like garage and parking, your school will apply for your signal test followed by your road test.

Signal Test
On the date assigned, go with your passport, driving file+ 2 photos to RTA Licence Section of your driving school. Fill up application form & submit fees (around AED 80). When your name is called out, go to the computer booth and identify the traffic signals. (In case you are not computer literate, you can opt for the manual test). Collect the pass print-out with your road test date (if you fail, pay the test-fee & you will be given another new test time and date) and submit to your driving school.

Road Test
On the date assigned, go with your passport, driving file+ 2 photos to the RTA Licence Section as advised by your driving school. Fill up application form & submit fees (around AED 80 for road test. When your name is called out, go along with the other three candidates and the RTA inspector to the designated car. You will be given just a few minutes to demonstrate your driving and anticipatory skills.

If you pass, collect the approval paper from your inspector and go to the Pass Counter. Submit along with suitable ID & AED 100. Collect your test file and submit to Control Counter. After processing, pay required fee and proceed to photo area. When your name is called out, have your photo taken. Congratulations. In a few minutes, you will receive your DL and be eligible to drive in Dubai and the UAE.

Do keep in mind that Dubai has a zero-tolerance policy on drinking and driving. Plainclothesmen travel about in unmarked vehicles and can legally stop you at any time to check. Dubai Government recommends that you buckle up your seatbelt and drive safely at all times.

For more information, please visit RTA website or call RTA on 8009090.

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