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Efteling theme park

The Efteling is the biggest theme park in the whole of Netherlands. It is one of the ancient theme parks in the Universe and was opened to public in the year 1952. The Efteling theme park is situated in the Kaatsheuvel town of Loon op Zand municipality. Altogether, the park has witnessed a total of 100 million visitors.

In over five decades, from an elf tale jungle, Efteling has evolved into a full-fledged theme park.

The park is spread roughly on an area of 650,000 m² (160 acres). At present the Efteling theme park houses a total of 36 rides, out of which 4 are water rides and 5 are roller coasters.

Some of the attractions in the theme park

Fairy tale forest

The Fairy tale forest is a fifteen wooded area in the theme park. In this jungle, you will rub shoulders with several renowned fairy tale figures, which are portrayed by animated sculptures and structures. A majority of these figurines derives inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, and Charles Perrault.

Steam Carousel

The Steam Carousel is a major attraction at Efteling theme park. Till 1970, the Carousel ran on König steam centre engine. But at present, it is power driven with electricity. You will find all the seats in the carasoule, to be in the shape of animals such as two Karl Muller carved pigs and 22 Hibner horses, and 4 sliced Moulina gondolas and coaches, all rotating to an unique Gavioli organ music.

Some of the other attractions you can enjoy are the Pirana, (a river rafting ride), the Gondoletta water ride, the Carnival festival, Tin Lizzies car ride, a double loop cork screw roller coaster called the Python, Pagode Observation tower, etc

Opening hours

10.00 am till 18.00 pm

How to get there

From Amsterdam, Zwolle, Utrecht , you can take a train to 's-Hertogenbosch, from where you have a lot of buses to Efteling theme park.


Admission is free for kids under 4 years of age

For adults & for kids over 4 years, it is Euro 26 (Euro 28)

Disabled & Senior citizens (60+) = Euro 24 (Euro 26)

For two day ticket, the fees is Euro 47 (Euro 51)

For seven day league entrance after 4pm (this is not valid during peak period) the fees is Euro 23.50

For a groups for more than 20 persons, the fees is Euro 21

For car parking , the fees is Euro 7


Europalaan 1 Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
0416 288 111
Address (Postal)
P.O. Box 18, 5170 AA Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands
Phone number/ Fax number
Ph.No: 1800 - 0161 (£ 0.12 p/m)
Fax: +31 (0)416 - 288 488

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