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Madurodam is a well known amusement park situated in the South Holland provincial capital of Hague. This theme park has a lot of attraction to its credit.

Here you can admire almost all the wonderful imitation of the main structure of Netherlands.

The engineering involved is really awesome. Your kids will find Madurodam an exciting and adorable place

You along with your kids can involve in lot of fun loving activities.

Crane operator (Container ship)

Attempt to beat the quickest unloading and loading time. Try yourself unloading and loading the containership. At Rotterdam port, don the role of an actual dock worker, push back your sleeves and with a genuine crane, unload and load the crane ships.

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport is another popular attraction at Madurodam. A replica of the real Schiphol Airport has been established in this theme park. A stewardess will take you on a trip. You will find the airport like a metropolis.

You can find several hotels, shops, office and restaurants. You can also find its individual Rijksmuseum along with the Dutch masters.

Wind turbines

You will be amidst wind machines. You can find two to three blades in these wind mills. Operate the windmill and make it to function as fast as they can. See which windmill produces more energy.

Some of the attractions you can find are VOC, Container ship, Auction clock game, Theatre, Wind turbines, Oosterschelde kering, Heroes Gallery, V.O.C Game, etc.

Opening hours

9.00 to 20.00 hrs. The last ticket sale is at 19.00 hours.

Admission fees

Admission is free for kids below the three years.

For kids in the age group of 3 to12 years, it costs €10, 50

For adults, the entry ticket is €14, 50


George Maduroplein 1, The Hague 2584, The Netherlands
Phone: 70-416-24-00

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