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Magic Springs and Crystal falls

The Magic Springs and Crystal falls is an entertainment park and water park situated in the city of Hot springs in Arkansas State in the US. A single fee admission comprises of the entire day usage of all attractions in both the parks.
Some of other thrill rides you can find at the amusement park.


This is a sit-down coaster made-up of steel that turns the rider over inverted in air at a height of 150 feet and tosses at a speed of more 65 miles per hour, on a corkscrew roll of 360 degrees. From this coaster you can view the have panoramic view of the park and its surrounding areas for miles. The minimum height required to ride this coaster is 52”.

Arkansas twister

Arkansas twister is the main wooden coaster experience in the park. The ride is recently re-tracked and is ready to seize you on an untamed fifty mph escapade above 3,300 exhilarating feet of path having a ninety foot drop to make your heart chasing to end. The minimum height needed to ride the Arkansas twister is 52”.

The Gauntlet

If you want to experience real challenge then the Gauntlet is the best bet. If you are an adventure freak, then experience the 8 storey drop on this ride into a rotating dervish of upturned rings and astonishing curves. You will journey in this steel coaster to more than 2200 feet, while being suspended beneath the tracks of the coaster at 50mph speed. You will be filled with utmost ecstasy riding on this thrill ride.

Your little ones can enjoy some of the kids’ rides.

Fearless flyer: This is a wellknown children ride. In this kid-sized model airplane, your children’s imagination spread its wings. An ideal photo chance for your little ones. Your kids should be in between 32” to 42” of height and should be accompanied by an elder, only one elder for each plane.

Looney Ballooney : Your kids can fly throughout the air in the multicolored, light warm air balloons. Your children should be in between 32” to 42” of height and should be accompanied by an elder, only one elder for each plane.

Some of the other popular kids’ rides are Kit ‘n Kaboodle Express, Krazy Cars, Kit ‘n Kaboodle Express, Bugga Booga Wheel, etc.

Family rides

Diamond Mine Coaster

This is a perfect ride for your family members. It is a small at the same time an influential coaster exhilarating for your little ones as well as amusing for the grownups. Kids in between of 36″ and 42” should be escorted by an elder.

Rum Runner Pirate Ship

You can maneuver the powerful seas, backward and forward as the pendulum sways, upper & upper, the ship cruises till your heart chirps, and your abdomen tickles. Kids in between of 36″ and 42” should be escorted by an elder.

Some of the other rides, which you r family members can enjoy are Twist ‘n Shout, Razorback Roundup, Carousel, etc.

Water Park

Some of the attractions you can find in the waterpark.

Seven falls: This attraacton comprises of 3 speed slides, a play pond and 4 tube slides. It is above 10,000 square feet of energizing family excitement.

Crystal falls wave pool: This attraction is 350,000 gallons of Hang ten excitement.. This wave pool creates waves in all sizes for everybody to have pleasure.

Some of other attractions you can find in the water park are Crystal Lagoon Wading Pool, Bear Cub Bend, Kodiak Canyon Adventure River, Grizzly Creek Splash Zone, High Sierra Slide Tower, etc.

Opening hours

The theme park time varies; normally it opens between 10am to 11am and closes between 7pm to 11pm.

Admission tickets

General admission costs $44.99
For kids less than 48” the ticket is $29.99
Admission is free for children under the age of three.


Magic Springs & Crystal Falls
1701 E. Grand Ave.
Hot Springs, AR 71901
Ph.No: (501) 624-0100
Fax: 501.624.3026
Mail id: [email protected]

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