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The Great Escape

The Great Escape & Splash water Kingdom, is an entertainment and water theme park situated in New York’s Queensbury area. The theme park also called as the Six Flags Great Escape & Splash water Kingdom is located at a distance of sixty kilometers to the northern directions of Albany. Six Flags, the world’s biggest amusement park corporation owns and operates the Great Escape theme park.

Excluding the water park, the great escape has a total of 58 rides, out of which 6 are roller coasters and 10 are water rides.
Five out of the six roller coasters are made up of steel, while the reaming one named as the comet, is made up of wood.

Steamin' Demon

You can enjoy riding on this steel roller coaster, by travelling on a lone blue train on yellow and orange rails. You will find the ride has a double cork screw and a solitary loop. The actual ride time is of very short duration. In just a rapid 37 seconds, you will cover the 1565 foot distance on this ride. Since this roller coaster does not have any block sections/brakes, it has lonely the capability to run only a 28 seater single train.

Boomerang: Coast to Coaster

This shuttle design steel roller coaster has a 28 seater train. The ride is designed in a manner that, two trains are present in each row. When the roller coaster begins its operation you will experience the train in which travel being pulled backwards, when moving up the hill, and then you will feel being dropped by means of a cobra roll through the loading gate and then you will experience a loop.

Some of the other popular rides are Alpine Bobsled, Frankie’s Mine Train, Canyon Blaster, etc.

Opening hours

On Mon- Fri: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

On weekends, from 10.00am to 8.00pm.


89 6 Flags Dr
Queensbury, NewYork
(888) 708-2684, 518-792-3500.

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