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Netherlands culture

The Netherlands or Dutch culture is a varied civilization replicating provincial diversities, as well as overseas influence, due to probing and merchant spirit of the Dutch and immigrants’ inflow. The people of Netherlands have played a significant role for centuries to make a Netherlands as a hub of cultural liberation and tolerance, with the Dutch Golden era at its pinnacle.

Family life

Close family ties prevail in a normal Dutch family. Basically the family attachment is economic, and sentiments are placed out of view. Studies reveal that still nearly 50 percent of the kids prefer to live in 10 km distance radius from their parents. The children are in touch with their parents from time to time. However, when the kids began to go for work their meeting with the parents becomes minimized .However the relationship is maintained and reinforced with the arrival of grand children. The grandparents act as inexpensive and supple baby boomers for the grandkids.

An essential aspect seen in a Dutch family is parents support their children even upto the age of 40, after this the kids express their gratitude in return by supporting their aged parents. Normally unfamiliar person or strangers are not entertained in a Dutch family. IT is indeed a very rare feature seeing a guest invited to a Dutch household.


Basically the Dutch cuisine had close affinity to the northern French cuisine, which can be witnessed in conventional Southern regional food and Dutch restaurents. The Haute cuisine or high food began to appear, mainly restricted to the nobility. However from the seventeenth century, these foods comprising of a diverse fruit assortment, meat, nuts and wines, were accessible to the affluent people. The Dutch citizens also take a variety of sausages, out of which the rookworst (Gelderse) is a famous one.

Conventionally over wooden chips, thee sausages are smoldered, simmered in water and then served. These juicy sausages contain a plenty of fat. The Dutch people consume the sausage along with hutspot, stamppot, or zuurkool.The lesser sausages are taken along with street food.


In contrast to other countries like Japan or UK, the dress worn by the Dutch people is somewhat informal. The industrial sector to a huge extent influences the dress code.

The conservative people belonging to areas like the Banking sector wear suit and tie, whilst individual belonging to the new sector, tend to wear more casual dress and appear smart.

Since Netherlands witness good rainfall, raincoats and umbrellas becomes part and parcel in the daily life of a Dutch individual.


The most popular sport in Netherlands is Football. Sparta Rotterdam (1888), Amsterdamsche Football club Ajax (1900), Feyenoord Rotterdam (1908) and PSV Eindhoven (1913) are some of the notable football teams in the country.

Speed skating is another renowned sports widely played by the Dutch people. It is a common thing to find the Dutch kids learning Speed skating at a very early age.

Hockey, swimming is some of the other renowned sports widely played in Netherlands.

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