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Nigerian culture

The Nigerian culture is characterized by the several ethnic groups of the nation. Nigeria boasts of having more than 250 dialects, 50 languages and racial factions. The three major ethnic groups are Hausa-Fulani in the northern direction, Yoruba in the south western part and Igbo in the south eastern portions of Nigeria.


The family structure in Nigeria is similar to Hispanic culture. Extended family is very common feature in a Nigerian family. The Males dominate the family. They practice polygamy, marrying several wives and fathering number of children. The male remind detached from the family members. Mostly the family relies on other members of the tribe for assistance and they remain interrelated. The women folks play a submissive role in the family. Most of the parents have high hope of their kids and they except the children to obey them till they get married.


People in the southern states eat peppery stews, while those in the north eat beef and grains. They consume Coconut rice prepared from coconut milk, Jollof rice comprising of rice, onion, tomato or tomato glue, red pepper, little amount of oil, spices and a variety of meats and vegetables.

Some of the other popular foods among the Nigerians are a meat Kebab called as Surya, prepared with peanuts (ground nuts), local spices and chili pepper. It is manufactured in a barbecue method on a stick


The Nigerians wear a variety to clothes that includes conventional clothing and western dresses. On formal occasion, the men wear, ties and dark suits, whilst the women wear modest dark business suits.

On cultural and semiformal occasion, the people wear vibrant trendy Nigerian dresses, or .western casuals.


The Nigerians are avid sports buffs. Some of the popular sports in Nigeria are basketball football, athletics, volleyball, squash, boxing and cricket.

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