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The B2 Visa

The description of B2 Visa

The B2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa for persons who wish to travel to the US on a temporary basis for medical treatment or pleasure.

Who all will require a B2 Visa

Persons who desire to visit the US as tourists

Persons who intend to make a short duration visit, to see their relatives, friends residing in the US.

Persons who desire to come to the US for the purpose of medical treatment.

Citizens from other countries coming to the US with the intention of marrying a holder of Green card or a citizen of the US, by proving themselves to the concerned officials at the consulate or the USCIS, that they will depart from the US once after marriage , and ultimately planning to immigrate at a later stage.

Individuals, such as musicians, amateur athletes, taking part in their respective activities in the US without seeking any compensation.

Persons coming to the US to take part in social

The foreign nationals’ dependent members belonging to the US armed forces temporarily put up on duty in the US.

Crew members’ dependents (bearers of D visa) or bearers of B1 visa exclusively to escort the most important foreign nationals or the non-immigrants’ dependents, for which there is no availability of derivative classification. For instance, an E Visa bearer’s aged parents.

Persons, who intend to enter the US to avail for the Special naturalization privileges on US military service basis.

Please note: associates of foreign press, journalists, film, radio or additional information media , who are engaged in their vocation, while being in the US are required to travel on a non-immigrant media (1)visa and will not be permitted to travel to the US utilizing a visitor visa.

The B2 Visa book will have:

Requirements for quality and eligibility.

An elaborate overview on the procedure of B2 Visa application.

All the required application forms and assistance on how to fill the forms properly and precisely.

Guidelines on how to successfully clear the visa interview, as well as confirming your planned visit is only a temporary one, and that you wish to return to your native country on the expiry of your visa.

The procedures to be followed if your visa gets rejected.

Procedures on how to expand your position in the US.

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