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The F1 student visa

The F1 visa is issued to students, who is going to take up an academic program or a full time degree at college, school, university that is recognized by the by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in observance by SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). As long as the student is going to complete her or his study, the F1 visa also enables the student to work inside the campus and also in certain circumstances, outside the campus. In addition to this facility the F1 visa also entitles the students to submit an application for the employment recognized practical training subsequent to their academic program completion. Normally this program is confined to a period of 12 months, but it may stretch up to a period of 29 months for scholars, who intend to pursue a technology, science, mathematics or engineering. Upon the course completion, a student’s has a time period of sixty days, during which he has to leave the US.

Requirements for the F1 visa student status

In a vocational or language training agenda, like the "academic" educational program, the student must get enrolled.
The institution in which the student intends to study must be recognized by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

The applicant must get enrolled in the institution as a fulltime student.

The studnet should possess expertise in English or should be enrolled in a course that is proficient in English.

The student should show proof to support that he has ample amount of fund during his entire study period.

The student must also have an abroad residence, which he should not give up.

A student visa eBook contains,

Education and conditions for eligibility

An elaborate overview on the application process

All the required application forms and the assistance on how to correctly and completely fill the application forms.

Guidelines as to how to navigate successfully the process of visa interview in an US consulate.

Tips on how to stretch your visa status in the US.

Norms on as how to work in the US.

Instructions on school transfer and

Every application forms.

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