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An unmaved metropolis built by the Islamic kings. These rulers conquered a broad sheathe of terrain upto Spain. The remains of some 600 shops found here indicate that Aanjar flourished as a trade center.

During the 7th century AD, Caliph Khaled Ibn Al Walid constructed the city. Dissimilar to other traditional Lebanon cities, which has witness occupants in waves, Anjar was a novel settlement constructed from scrape.

Only in the 1940s, the remains of the city were explored, and ten years later the excavations were carried out. You will find the traditional city setup in a grid, with profoundly reinforced walls encircling the traditional city. Two broad avenues divide the city into two parts. The city was designed on the Byzantine model, constructed with alternating yellow stone and red bricks.

This type of construction pattern not only looks beautiful, but also protects the structure from earthquakes. Aanjar also houses the beautiful Rosary Armenian Catholic Church, which serve up as cathedral for the Armenian churches. The place also boasts of having the Armenian Evangelical Church, which serves up the tiny community of Armenian Evangelical society.

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