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National Museum of Beirut

The National Museum of Beirut is a main archeological museum in Lebanon. After the First World War, the process of collecting the artifacts started and was formally opened in the year 1942. The museum has a compilation that totals around 1, 00,000 items, a majority of these are traditional and medieval excavations carried out by the Directorate General of Antiquities.

You will find in this museum, exhibits dating from Prehistory and concluding tin the Ottoman Empire. In the ground floor you will find nearly eighty three displays, which covers mosaic statures, sarcophagi, and reliefs. The top floor exhibits 1243 tiny and average relics that are organized by topic and chronological category, in contemporary .cabinets with soft illumination and enlarging glasses, which highlights the artifacts’ aesthetic features.

Do not miss the watch the video show which portrays how the valuable items were protected during the war and how they were brought to the museum.


National Museum of Beirut
Corner of useum Street, Damascus Street and Abdallah El Yafi Avenue.,
Beirut, Lebanon
01-380 810

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