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Uganda Museum

Uganda Museum is an important landmark in Kampala, which demonstrates and displays natural chronological, ethnological and conventional life collection of the cultural legacy of Uganda. The Uganda Museum was established in the year 1908.

Some of the artifacts, you will come across are ancient hunting weapons, musical instruments, entymology, archaeology, etc. You can also find rare, extinct animals; their skulls kept on display. You can also visit the museum library, which houses a broad range of books written on Africa, mostly during the colonial period.

The traditional fishing nets kept on display are sure to attract you. You can also get impromptu lessons on Xylophones and drums from the assigned staffs.

Presently the Uganda Museum is facing danger of demolition, since the Ugandan Government is planning to construct “East African Trade Centre” at its site. Some civil society associations like the Jenga Afrika, Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU), Historical Resources Conservation Initiatives (HRCI), and Historical Buildings Conservation Trust (HBCT) had took the government to the court to stop the demolition plans of the more than century old traditional museum.


Uganda Museum
5-7 Kira Road | POB 365, Kampala, Uganda
+256 (41) 244 060

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