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Ugandan Reptile village

The Ugandan Reptile village is a popular destination in the Entebbe, where you can see the native reptiles of the country. Some of the residents you can see in the village are Forest Cobra, Jacksons Chameleon, Gaboon Viper, Leopard Tortoise, and Nile Monitor.

The reptile village is located off the Entebbe Kampala highway, at t distance of 2kms. You can see more then 20 species of reptiles like the, boom slangs, cobras, monitor lizards, tortoises skinks, and the Africa’s most venomous snake, the Gaboon Viper.

The non-climbing species are housed in an open basin .there is another basin, where you can see four kinds of tortoises. Your kids will really enjoy the amusing creatures eating their foods.

You can walk down a placid slope to reach the area, where the chameleons are housed. You can also visit the swamp region, where animals such as birds, reptiles and monkey feed and breed.

Opening hours

The reptile village is opened to the public on all days from 9 am to 6pm.


Uganda Reptile Village
Abaita-ababiri, Entebbe, Uganda
+256 (0)782 349583,+256 (0)756 250102
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Accommodation near the reptile village

LAICO Lake Victoria Entebbe Hotel
P.O Box 15, Entebbe- Uganda
Tel: +256 312 310 100, +256 414 351 600, +256 312 310 100

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